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Who We Are

A national management
consulting company

Who We Are

Business & Community is a national management consulting firm and an industry leader in developing and supporting businesses and community organisations. Our work extends across all Industry Sectors and business types. Our work across Australia has seen our engagement amongst public companies listed in the top 10 of the Australian Stock exchange through to micro business start-ups in remote communities.

We have provided over 20 years of support and advice to businesses across all sectors and throughout Australia. Our experience includes specialist business support to new and existing Indigenous Business and Indigenous Community Organisation.

Danny giving a speechOur Managing Director, Danny Keep, is a highly acclaimed business and community sector manager. Danny stands out amongst the world of  consultants because of his outstanding track record. Danny has been  awarded many times for his business leadership. He brings serious practical business and management experience to his role with Business &  Community.

A Prime Minister’s Centennial Medallist for his work with community reflects his passion to make a difference. This same passion sits behind our work with businesses and community organisations across Australia today. Our personal and tailored approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable outcomes and secure lasting results.

“Business & Community is a leading service provider across the Indigenous sector, building and re-building strong community and business organisations.”

“At Business & Community, our small team of highly experienced staff work closely with Indigenous businesses and community organisations every day – Making a Difference.”