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Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts

I have known Danny Keep and been associated with his company for many years.  During this time I have had occasion to see first hand the success that he has achieved.  Danny is a gifted trainer, that has the rare ability to reduce complex business subjects into interesting, practical and easy to understand topics.  His extensive business acumen and personal business experience result in a no-nonsense delivery of real world practice.

For over thirteen years I have seen Danny successfully work with a multitude of businesses, assisting them either through individual one on one consultancy or through the delivery of practical training.

Danny’s reputation is built through considerable interaction with both the state and federal government, having delivered small business training or consultancy expertise across a range of government programs.

I am also well aware of the work that he has and continues to conduct throughout Australia. This involves working intensively with a number enterprises and developing them to achieve sustainability whilst operating under the challenges of the cultural diversity. With a social work and business background Danny has a rare combination of skills which result in both excellent business skills coupled with empathy and understanding.

Prior to his current business, he was well known throughout Tasmanian for growing the organisation Business and Employment (predecessor of the “O Group”) and was responsible for taking this business from one employee to over 100 and state-wide across Tasmania.

It is this broad based experience that provides a level of credibility that is rare amongst consultants and educators and brings real current experience as well as the ability to impart the knowledge to all levels and abilities.

Lara Hendriks, Regional Manager, Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts
The Tasmanian government agency is responsible for the development and implementation of the Tasmanian government’s economic development strategies.


On behalf of the CAAMA Directors and Management thank you for the wonderful work you have done with the CAAMA five year Strategic Plans.  The Board of Directors admired the way in which you handled a very difficult situation and made it into something positive for the whole organisation.

Mr. Keep is an experienced and capable person who has worked closely with CAAMA Radio to improve our governance and management.  Our reason for selecting Mr. Keep was based on his extensive experience with Indigenous Australians.  We were aware of Mr. Keep’s extensive work throughout Australia with Indigenous Australians.  This gave us the confidence in his experience and understanding of Indigenous issues.

Jennifer Howard, CEO, CAAMA Radio 2011
CAAMA Radio is one of Australia’s most successful Aboriginal Radio network operating across the entire footprint of central Australia.

Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts

Danny Keep from Business & Community is an exceptional communicator in both workshop environments and one to one situations.  His program ‘Building Better Business’ achieved unprecedented demand among participants with Project evaluations demonstrating the capacity Danny has to translate complex business topics to mixed audiences with limited previous understanding.

Amanda Castray, Former Director, Small Business Development and former Deputy State Manager for AusIndustry

Women’s Karadi Aboriginal Corporation (KARADI)

We have selected Business & Community to provide assistance across Governance, Corporate Planning and Operational Management to our organisation because of their substantial background in the delivery of services to other Indigenous organisations.  We are aware of their success of their work, both in Tasmanian and across Australia.  Both Danny and Natasha are experienced people with a long history in the employment and Indigenous affairs arena.

Rachel Coad, Chief Executive, Women’s Karadi Aboriginal Corporation 2011

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA)

IBA enjoys a positive working relationship with Mr. Keep and his Company.  We have at all times found his work and professionalism to be of the highest standards.  Mr. Keep’s capacity to translate complex business issues to Indigenous clients in a manner that is practical and comprehensible is of the highest order.

James McILveen, Senior Assessor, IBA Enterprises 

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA)

“I have known and worked closely with Danny for the past two years on a range of assignments for Indigenous Business Australia (IBA).

Danny delivers the Into Business workshops we provide for our Indigenous clients wanting to start up a business. He has exceptional delivery and communication skills and has a rare ability to make the workshops enjoyable and interesting for the participants. They are totally engaged during the process and without doubt come out of the workshops with enthusiasm and a knowledge of business basics that enable them to better evaluate whether business is for them. A great trainer.

IBA also engages Danny to provide business support for our clients, individuals and Indigenous Corporations, working side by side with them to develop business plans. His vast knowledge of business and exceptional communications skills  enables him to engage with the client to present meaningful and comprehensive business planning, allowing for better and more informed decision making.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Danny as a competent and outstanding individual who has a passion to make a difference.”

Kevin Tucker, Business Lending and Support, IBA Enterprises 2013